Komeda Jazz Festival
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Leszek Kułakowski Chopin Impressions

Leszek Kułakowski ChopinImpressions, featuring Mikael Godée and Ebba Westerberg, is an innovative, international initiative with the primary aim of bringing the idioms of jazz to the consummate music of Fryderyk Chopin in arrangements created for a jazz quintet by Leszek Kułakowski and Mikael Godée. The process of endowing Chopin’s compositions with the quality of jazz encompasses some of his best-known and much-loved preludes, mazurkas, nocturnes and waltzes.

The line-up of the quintet is:

  • Leszek Kułakowski – piano, arrangements;
  • Mikael Godée – saxophone, flute, arrangements;
  • Ebba Westerberg – percussion;
  • Tomasz Sowiński – drums;
  • Piotr Kułakowski – double bass.

The collaboration between these outstanding Polish and Swedish jazzmen brings a new quality to Chopin’s music, creating an absolutely unique artistic value.

The conceptual aim of the initiative is sweeping in scope. It embraces not only the synthesis of jazz and the music of the genius who was Fryderyk Chopin, but also the implementation of compositional techniques, the reforging of the concept of the contemporary jazz ensemble and creative approaches to musical material.

The qualitative and artistic aim encompasses a creative continuation of the ‘European school of jazz’, the preservation of the ‘Chopinesque spirit of the music’ and the distant echoes of his relationship with Polish and European folk music, the continuation of ‘jazz lyricism’ and the exposition of the contrast between the leading ‘voice’ of the piano and the syncopated, intensely rhythmical lines of the saxophone and the pulsating percussion. The jazz ensemble will be transformed into ‘speakers’ of an innovative musical language, where elements typical of jazz will enter into a dialogue with contemporary compositional devices brought into play both in the sphere of ensemble sound and in the sonorific aspects. The piano will not only be tasked with harmony and melody, but will also be treated as a ‘percussion instrument’.


Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Sponsored by the City of Slupsk.