Komeda Jazz Festival
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Competition regulations

10th Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition 2017

1. Organizers

a) The Organizer of the 10th Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition 2017 is Stowarzyszenie im. Krzysztofa Komedy, co-organizer is Academy of Music in Gdańsk.

b) The statute herby (hereinafter Statute) describes the conditions of organisation and performance of the 10th Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition 2017.

c) The 10th Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition 2017 is held as a part of 23rd edition of Komeda Jazz Festival 2017.

2. Contest subject.

a) Free style jazz theme must be based on the use of one or many of the following instruments: flute, violin, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone, piano, guitar, double bass, bass guitar, drums.

b) The instruments and performing musicians for stage two and three of the Contest are provided by the Organizer.

c) The Organizer allows to perform the composition by the bands appointed by the participant, the condition being reporting such intention to the Organizer.

d) The length of the composition must not exceed 10 minutes and must consist at least 12 bars.

e) Each of the compositions should include: the score and voices of each particular instrument. Tempo must be marked. Audio recording, live or studio or amateur recording is required. Score must be provided in pdf format and the audio recording must be in MP3 or WAR/WMA format to

f) The compositions posted cannot be subject to any other contests, parades or music workshops participation or application up to the date of the Contest closing.

3. Rules of participation

a) Participant of the Contest may be a person who complies with the following rules:

- is of age of 18 years and haven’t been 35 until 31th December 2017

- has full legal capacity and has identity confirming document (identity card, passport),

- has registered participation in the Contest by sending a filled in form, which at the same time constitutes the confirmation of accepting the regulations of the Statute hereby, as well as by sending the Contest composition by the given deadline of 30th October 2017 to the mail office@komedajazz.com

b) The composition entering the contest should be sent in a form of a score and voices of each particular instrument (in PDF format) as well as of a MP3 recording (live, studio, amateur recording is accepted).

c) Organizer holds the right to keep the sent note scores and recordings and do not return the forementioned to the participants.

d) Within the given date of 10th November 2017, Organizer will post the full list of the participants who qualified to the first stage of the Contest on the following website: www.komedajazz.com

e) Within the date given in section d), Organizer agrees to notice the participants who were qualified to the first stage of the Contest, via e-mail

f) Participation in the Contest is free of any charges. Organizers are not held responsible for the cost of participation in the Contest and do not refund the travel, accommodation or band remuneration fees.

g) Each of the participants of the Contest agrees to free registration of his/ her Composition during the Contest, audiovisual media recording of his/her Composition, image and data perpetuation in the materials issued and disseminated publicly and non-publicly, in any form and technique, unlimited by time and space field of exploitation, serving directly or indirectly promoting the Contest and Komeda Jazz Festival.

4. Jury

a) The Jury is appointed by the Organizer in order to provide professional assessment of the composition.

b) The Jury will include of 3 people, the head being the Artistic Director of the Festival prof. Leszek Kułakowski.

c) The Jury may award additional prizes as applied by the institutions or persons interested.

d) Decisions of the Jury are final and are not subject to appeal.


The Contest will be held in two stages:

a) Stage one: Pre-selection and choice of 5 final compositions decided by the Head of the Jury - the results will be given in the manner specified in Section 3 d ) and 3 e).

b) Stage two: On 5th December 2017 in Academy of Music in Gdańsk – Announcement of the results of the Contest. The presentation of the winners and awards ceremony will take place on Laureates Concerts in Gdańsk on 5th December and in Słupsk on 8th December.

6. Awards

a) The winners of the 10th Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition 2017 will receive a financial reward of:

Grand Prix – 2000 EUR (the prices will be soon known),

2nd place – 1000 EUR,

3rd place – 500 EUR

and Honorouable Mention – 100 EURO and the audience award – 500 PLN.

b) In accordance with applicable law, financial awards will be reduced by the amount of the flat-rate tax on prizes.

c) Financial awards shall be paid by bank transfer to the designated bank accounts.

d) In special cases, the Jury reserves the right to distribute the financial rewards in other manner, not to grant the Grand Prix award or granting several equivalent awards for second and third place.

7. Final provisions

a) Participation in the Contest is a voluntary action. By registration of participation in the Contest each of the participants accepts the rules and provisions of the Statute hereby.

b) The Organiser reserves the right to introduce alterations to any stage of the Contest.

c) Participants who breach the regulations of the hereby Statute will be excluded from the participation in the Contest.

d) Participation form consitutes Appendix No.1 to the hereby Statute.

Appendix No. 1 [66.50 kB] Download count: 3 Appendix No. 1 [47.21 kB] Download count: 3